Restoration Services

Oberreich Foundation Restoration Grant

During the summer of 2013, the Oberreich Foundation was generous enough to match the funding needed to restore several military gravesites dating back to the mid 1800's.

Our crew took on this project, restoring over 25 monuments. The project required new foundations under most of the monuments. The monuments were removed from their site temporarily to be washed and allow for the ground to be leveled in preparation of pouring the new foundations which were poured on site. Following the placement of the monuments, the surrounding ground was reseeded.

The price of restoring sites depends on each individual site. Some will require more time and material than others. If you are interested in having your site or monument cleaned up and/or leveled, you can also stop in or call Ludeen in the office to get information (920-922-4543).



The sandstone tablets were removed and cleaned by hand to restore them to their original state.