Rienzi's Veterans Section

Rienzi Cemetery is the final resting place to over 1,100 veterans. For this reason, Rienzi has recently installed military flags in the Veteran section of the cemetery. We are going to have a ribbon cutting on Memorial Day. As part of the project, we are installing a walkway from the road to the flag display. We are offering you the opportunity to donate in the form of a memorial brick.  This is a great way to honor your beloved veteran.


By clicking on the link below you will be able to see the different options and pricing. You can conveniently purchase your brick through the website below, or you may order through the Rienzi Office via a paper order form.


Click here to order online.


You may also print off the below order form if you choose to order in person at the Rienzi Office.


Click here to order online.


You may also print off the below order form if you choose to order in person at the Rienzi Office.



Honor Guard important component of Veteran Funeral


     Larry Stoffel needed something to do when he returned from Vietnam and the Fond du Lac Legion filled that need. In 1975, Larry began attending veteran funerals as a member of the Trier-Puddy American Legion Post #75.  He became a member of their firing squad, which is now called the honor guard.

     In the 40 years he has been a member of this prestigious group he had the opportunity to work with soldiers from World War I, World War II, Korean War Veterans, and his fellow Vietnam veterans.

Larry had a love for horses, so he followed his Grandpa into the US Army Calvary. In the Army, he helped in the medic and radio fields. Larry returned from Vietnam with a Purple Heart.


     Stoffel said, “When I returned from Vietnam, I had to find something to keep myself occupied, and the legion and honor guard were a perfect fit.


     The quick-witted Stoffel recalled a funeral when they fired the three-volley salute, the wife of the deceased passed out and a young grandson reacted with an “Oh no, now they shot Grandma too.” Respectful, light-hearted chuckles were experienced by all attendees.


     Currently Post #75 has 15 volunteer members, several of which are in their 80s.


     “American Legion Post #75 will continue to provide military honors to veterans as long as possible, however our numbers are reaching a crisis stage because of our ages,” stated guard president, Jim Guell.


     Squad leaders, Dan Dahlke and Guell, feel there is a sense of pride and humility to be able to recognize your fellow veterans and satisfaction in the thank you’s received from the veterans’ families. The graveside service provides a great deal of closure and satisfaction to the family.


     The squad needs veterans to join them and help the proud tradition of the honor guard. Most of the funerals are between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. If you are a retired veteran, work second or third shift, or your employer is flexible allowing you to honor a fellow veteran at the grave site ... THEY CAN USE YOU! Every member is NOT expected to attend every funeral.


     The minimum qualifications for honor guard participation are a Trier-Puddy American Legion Post #75 membership, dedication to the purpose of the honor guard and willingness to present a public image.


     For inquiries, contact Dan Dahlke, 920-346-2726, or Jim Guell, 920-921-7040.

Photo by Lee Uecker