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Rienzi's Veterans Section

Rienzi Cemetery is the final resting place to more than 1,100 veterans.  The men and women buried in Rienzi represent every branch of military service and all American conflicts, from the Civil War to current times.

To recognize and remember the lives of those serving or who have served, in 2015 Rienzi Cemetery celebrated the opening of our Veterans Memorial, featuring an installation of military flags and a Veterans Walk of Honor. 

The installation of flags and Walk of Honor serves

as an entrance to Rienzi’s Veterans Section,

a special area of the cemetery available for the burials of military veterans and their spouses only.

Additional information is available from our office.

Recognize your veteran

with a commemorative brick in Rienzi’s

Walk of Honor!

Click here for order form.

To order a brick honoring your veteran:

  • Choose the size of brick you are ordering

        There are 3 lines of copy available on the 4”x8”                bricks and up to 6 lines of copy available on the                8”x8” bricks.

  • Complete the order form with your inscription wording, and with your name and contact information.

  • Print out the order form.

  • Make your check or money order payable to Rienzi Cemetery.(Rienzi does not accept debit or credit      card payments)

  • The order form and your payment can be mailed to the cemetery or brought to the cemetery office.

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