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What We Offer

Chapel Mausoleum

Our Chapel Mausoleum offers both crypts (for coffin entombment)  

and niches (for cremation inurnment) on the inside and the outside of this 

beautiful building.  The interior niches feature either marble or glass fronts. 

The Chapel lobby is also available for those who choose to have a funeral 

or committal service here and can seat up to 60 people. 

A beautifully landscaped Meditation Garden will soon be added  

on the north side of the Chapel

Garden Mausoleum

Garden Maus[3604].JPG

Our Garden Mausoleum has both crypts and niches in this choice outdoor location.

A limited number of crypts are available.


Coming soon!

Inquire at the office for more information

Cremation Garden

Our Scattering Garden offers a naturalized area for cremation ashes to be scattered in a tranquil wooded setting. 

It features a granite Memorial wall for inscriptions of names and dates, and granite benches at the entrance serve as an area for reflective seating. 

Ground Spaces

We have ground spaces available in most areas of the cemetery, including a limited number of spaces in the oldest parts of the cemetery.

For pricing and availability, contact the office.


Rienzi offers a full-service monument business for property owners at Rienzi.  We work with G. Reinke & Co. Monuments of Oshkosh, WI. Reinke’s goal is to deliver more than their customers expect. When it comes to the supply of granite memorials, they strive to see how much value they can pack into every interaction between their company and Rienzi. They believe that customer care is the all-important factor that separates them from their competition.


Keep in mind when you purchase a monument through Rienzi the profits are re-invested in the long-term maintenance of Rienzi Cemetery!

Pet Cemetery

Pet 3.jpg

Rienzi's Pet Cemetery, located on the south-east edge of our property, offers a beautiful and peaceful final resting place for your beloved pet.

Our Pet Packages include the ground space, pet coffin, burial charges, and either a custom-made inground marker or upright monument. Prices vary depending on the package you choose.  Contact the office for details and current pricing.

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