What We Offer


Chapel Mausoleum

Garden Mausoleum

Our Chapel Mausoleum offers a choice of indoor and outdoor full body or cremation interment in crypts as well as indoor cremation inurnment in a marble or glass front niche. We also have seating room in our chapel for around 60 people if you choose to have your service here.

Our Garden Mausoleum offers spaces for full body or cremation interment, space’s available are very limited.


Coming soon!

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Cremation Garden

Our Cremation Garden offers an opportunity for your ashes to be buried in just an urn in the ground, your ashes placed in an opening with no urn or your ashes to be scattered in a small, wooded area.  You can enjoy this green type burial with an opportunity for identification for future generations.

Ground Spaces

We have ground space available in most areas of the cemetery. We even have a small inventory of spaces in the older parts of the cemetery. This ground space can be used for full body burial or cremation.


Rienzi offers a full-service monument business for property owners at Rienzi.  We work with G. Reinke & Co. Monuments of Oshkosh, WI. Reinke’s goal is to deliver more than their customers expect. When it comes to the supply of granite memorials, they strive to see how much value they can pack into every interaction between their company and Rienzi. They believe that customer care is the all-important factor that separates them from their competition.


Keep in mind when you purchase a monument through Rienzi the profits are re-invested in the long-term maintenance of Rienzi Cemetery!

Pet Cemetery

A serene setting is available if you lose a beloved pet.  Our beautiful pet cemetery is in the far back corner of the grounds.  We offer ground space with an in-ground monument or ground space for an upright monument.